Board Members



Jingjing Xiao


Jingjing, of Louisville, KY, is a Timothy Dwight sophomore who intends to major in History of Science and Medicine. She has three years of experience on researching projects from genetic cancer treatments for leukemia to the role of functional connectivity in motor memory. At Yale, she is looking to continue research in computational biology or neuroscience in preparation for graduate studies and a career spent helping people through translational medicine.

Nishant Jain


Nishant is a sophomore from Cupertino, California, planning to major in Computer Science. For the last four years, he has conducted research in several aspects of the interdisciplinary field of medical informatics, studying mobile augmented reality for medical imaging and performing large scale proteomic data analysis. At Yale, Nishant enjoys being involved with the STEM community, and thus spends his time outside of YURA writing for the Yale Scientific Magazine, and organizing the YHack hackathon. After Yale, he hopes to pursue graduate studies in computer science.

Suryabrata Dutta


Surya, originally from John’s Creek, GA, is a sophomore in Silliman College majoring in Intensive Physics. He is currently conducting research on the search for dark matter particles with Professor Daniel McKinsey, with emphasis on using high energy interactions in liquid helium-4 to detect weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPS) as a possible dark matter candidate. His future plans include pursuing graduate studies in physics.

Surya represented YURA at the First Annual Steering Committee meetings at the 2015 National Collegiate Research Conference.



Development Committee

Stephen Wang

Development Committee Chair

Stephen, a freshman in Branford College, is from Houston, Texas and plans on majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. Over the last 2 years, he has conducted research on drug discovery at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and, in particular, spearheaded a project that searched for a less toxic, more cost effective treatment for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Outside YURA, Stephen is involved in the biotech startup Simplex Sciences and is a member of the Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs. He plans on pursuing an MD/PhD in radiation oncology after his time at Yale.

Kevin Biju

Development Committee Member

Kevin, hailing from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, is a freshman in Morse College planning to major in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. For the last two years, he has conducted research at the University of Pennsylvania, primarily focusing on the mechanisms of GBM and sarcoma progression. At Yale, he writes for the Yale Scientific and volunteers at HAVEN Free Clinic. In the future, he hopes to pursue his interests in the medical field.

Zen Tang

Development Committee Member

Zen, an Arkansan from Little Rock, knows that with great power comes great responsibility. His 314 million-year-old skills in class A ferocious dinosaur training have prepared him to instantaneously recognize large potential fields, like those of YURA, and to harness those sparks for the good of the many. Formally, he pursues research on the mechanisms of thought: representation, intelligent exploration, and pattern recognition. He plans to pursue studies in economics, politics, and mathematics.



Media Committee

Catherine Yang

Media Committee Chair

Catherine is a Trumbull College freshman from Rochester, Minnesota. She has a strong interest in Yale’s Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major and the premed track. In previous years, she has worked on prostate cancer research in a biochemistry lab at the Mayo Clinic, and she plans to continue to pursue research in New Haven in the future. Outside of YURA, some of her on-campus activities include graphic design for the Yale Politic and the Yale Banner, as well as illustration for the Yale Daily News.

Kevin Anh Nyugen

Media Committee Member

Kevin is a native of Plano, TX and is a junior in Branford College majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. He currently conducts basic science and clinical research at the Yale School of Medicine. In the Sung lab, he explores the molecular ensembles governing DNA repair pathways. Outside of YURA, he enjoys photography and hitting the gym.

Rachel Kornbluh

Media Committee Member

Rachel, originally from Evanston, Illinois, is a freshman in Calhoun intending to double major in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Sociology. She hopes to one day be involved in public health, either from the social/political or medical perspective. She is excited to join and learn from the YURA community!



Outreach Committee

Charlotte Herber

Outreach Committee Co-Chair

Charlotte is a Pierson College sophomore majoring in Molecular Biochemistry & Biophysics. Originally from Pound Ridge, NY, Charlotte conducted biochemical and clinical neurology research during high school at NYU and Columbia. She is currently a research assistant in Dr. Stephen Strittmatter’s Yale neuro-degeneration lab, studying the mechanistic etiology of Alzheimer’s disease in transgenic mice. She plans to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. in neuroscience after graduation.

Peter Wang

Outreach Committee Co-Chair

Peter is a sophomore at TD from Hong Kong, and a prospective Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology major. He currently works at Prof. Simon’s Lab on West Campus, conducting research on the mechanism of how long non-coding RNAs carry out their functions, and he is looking forward to pursuing academia research on chemical, molecular and structural biology. Outside research and YURA, he spends time at Yale writing for the Yale Scientific Magazine, and working on various projects on STEM, environment, and art.

Chunyang Ding

Outreach Committee Member

Chunyang Ding is a freshman in Saybrook College from Bellevue, Washington. As a prospective Intensive Physics major, he is currently researching with Prof. Marla Geha on the SAGA collaboration to categorize the spectrum of distant satellite galaxies. Besides being involved on the Outreach team of YURA, Chunny is also passionate about scientific journalism and is working with TEDxYale. When he isn’t busy, he roots for the Seahawks, takes embarrassing pictures of friends, and contemplates what it means to be punny.

Diyu Pearce-Fisher

Outreach Committee Member

Diyu, originally from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, is a freshman in Berkeley College planning to major in Biomedical Engineering. She plans to pursue an MD/PhD degree after graduation. Outside of YURA, she is a part of the acapella group Yale Out of the Blue, Berkeley College Orchestra, and the Yale Scientific Magazine.

Nicole Eskow

Outreach Committee Member

Nicole, from Emerson, NJ, is a freshman in Pierson College planning to major in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. She is currently working in Dr. Matthew Perry Strout’s lab, which aims to understand how mechanisms for immune diversification can lead to the development of different cancers. Nicole also spends time writing for the Yale Record, the campus humor magazine, and she plans to pursue a career in biomedical research.



Programming Committee

Daniel McQuaid

Programming Committee Chair

Dan, an Ossining, NY, native and sophomore in Ezra Stiles College, is an MCDB major and prospective pre-med. He has conducted cancer drug development research since his sophomore year in high school and took a gap year before matriculating at Yale to continue his work in the lab. At Yale, Dan is involved in several organizations to improve public health access in impoverished areas, and is an administrator for Splash, an educational outreach program for local middle and high school students. Dan hopes his research experience and passion for public health will culminate in a career as a physician-scientist following graduation, with a particular emphasis on medical oncology.

Alex Tang

Programming Committee Member

Originally from Bellevue, Washington, Alex Tang is a sophomore in Berkeley College, double majoring in Economics and Mechanical Engineering. In the past, he has worked on a variety of materials science research projects through the Garcia Scholars Program and University of Washington internships. At Yale, Alex has worked with Prof. Menachem Elimelech on desalination membrane design. He has hobbies in writing, board games, and Ultimate Frisbee.

Jessica Hong

Programming Committee Member

Jessica is a freshman in Morse College hailing from plain old Plano, Texas, planning on majoring in Computer Science. She conducted research in high school for three years, working on creating self-propelled nanomotors for site-specific drug delivery and developing concurrent internal chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. Outside of research, she enjoys volleyball, sketching, and spending time with friends.

Kathleen Yu

Programming Committee Member

Kathleen is a junior in Pierson College double majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry and the History of Science, Medicine & Public Health.  She has previously conducted research in biochemistry labs at Yale and Caltech, and is working on a clinical research study at the Yale School of Medicine. Apart from YURA, Kathleen is involved with Yale Science Olympiad, Undergraduate Women in Science at Yale, and volunteers at the Yale-New Haven Hospital. After Yale, she hopes to attend medical school and pursue a career in academic medicine.



Senior Advisors

Daniel Lee

Senior Advisor

Daniel is a senior in Ezra Stiles College double majoring in Physics and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry hailing from Great Neck, New York. While at Yale, he has spent time in the laboratories of Prof. Patrick Sung studying the interactions of proteins behind double strand break repair of DNA and Prof. Joe Howard studying the morphology of the sensory neuron of D. melanogaster. He plans to pursue an MD/Ph.D. after his time at Yale.

Juli Coraor

Senior Advisor

Juli, once from Huntington, New York, is a Physics and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry double major in her senior year. Beginning freshman year, she has been using single molecule fluorescence techniques to study the conformational changes of intrinsically disordered proteins with Prof. Elizabeth Rhoades. Starting this summer, she will be applying these techniques towards studying microtubule dynamics with Prof. Joe Howard. Her future plans include studying structural biology as it relates to neuroendocrinology as part