Board Members


Mehdi Baqri (SY ‘21)


Mehdi is majoring in biomedical engineering and is a Global Health Studies Scholar. Through YURA, he hopes to enhance the undergraduate research experience at Yale and oversees the implementation of five flagship initiatives, including the first grad-undergrad mentorship program, the Yale Undergraduate Research Journal, and the minorities-in-research symposium.

Anna-Sophia Boguraev (GH ‘20)


Anna-Sophia is studying molecular biophysics and biochemistry (MBB).

Nicholas Achambault (BF ‘21)


Nick is majoring in physics. As treasurer, he oversees YURA’s funds, status as a 501c3, and Yale Alumni relations.  He is also Managing Editor of STEM for YURJ.

Board members

Lukas Corey (‘21)

Committee Chair: Yale Undergraduate Research Journal

Lukas is majoring in molecular biophysics and biochemistry (MBB). He spearheaded the creation of Yale’s first undergraduate research journal and is the first Editor-in-Chief of YURJ.

Victoria Dombrowik (‘21)

Committee Chair: Spotlight Research @Yale

Victoria leads the initiative to publicize undergraduate research at Yale, by spotlighting extraordinary students, researchers, professors, and opportunities at Yale.

Joe Allen (BF ‘21)

Committee Chair: Research Symposium

Joe is majoring in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. He oversees the annual YURA Fall Symposium and spearheaded the first symposium to highlight underrepresented student research at Yale.

Daniel Kim (‘22)

Committee Chair: Research, Development, and Innovation

Dan is majoring in computer science. He oversees the management of YURA’s website, research database, and tech-innovation in the undergraduate research landscape.

Sami Elrazky (SY ‘22)

Committee Chair: Mentorship Initiative

Sami is majoring in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology (MCDB). He leads the initiative to create Yale’s first school-wide mentorship program through a collaboration between Yale College and Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.


Selena Lee (BF ‘21)

Selena is studying sociology and sits on the YURJ committee, as Managing Editor of Social Sciences for YURJ.

Aarthi Vijayakumar (MC ‘23)

Aarthi is majoring in molecular biophysics and biochemistry (MBB).

William Sussman (‘21)

William is majoring in computer science.

Amrita Vetticaden (‘22)


Siraj Patwa (‘23)





Brian Cho


Michael Zhou


Arronava Moondra


Alejandro Simon


Varun Kumar


Gandhar Mahadeshwar


J.D. Zhou


Ken Stier