The Yale Undergraduate Research Association is dedicated to connecting disciplines, resources, and individuals to promote undergraduate research. We believe in building lasting connections between students and research through personal interaction and new media. By building a community around interdisciplinary research at Yale, we seek to become the starting point from which undergraduates learn about new opportunities, find mentors, and begin research.

Interdisciplinary Research

YURA promotes undergraduate research in all fields of study, from the physical sciences and engineering, to the humanities, to mathematics, to the social sciences and beyond. We believe research is the process of engaging with the entire body of knowledge, and as students at Yale, our liberal arts education endows us with potential to interact with the body completely. 

We also strive to improve communications and the flow of ideas between the various fields of study. The spark of an idea in the humanities could lead to a revolutionary breakthrough in engineering. In our interconnected world, research is no longer confined to a singular discipline, and the influence of broadly sharing ideas is unmeasurable.

Faculty Connections

One of the most crucial aspects of a good research opportunity is the mentorship given to the student by faculty members. At YURA, we have connected with departmental faculty and DUS’s from nearly every discipline, as well as faculty in the Dean’s Office, to provide information and resources for all undergraduates to empower our community to find the most fulfilling and impactful opportunities for each of them. We also have an excellent team of faculty advisors who work with us to develop the resources on our website as well as content for workshops and other events we host throughout the year.

Student Connections

Even though faculty members provide the mentorship to the students, it is truly the communications between students that form the backbone of our community. The flow of ideas from student to student does more than providing interesting lunchtime conversations; it opens up new possibilities to explore. Furthermore, experienced students who have been fostered in this community can then give back by facilitating undergraduates new to research. By hosting poster symposiums, conferences, and social mixers throughout the year, YURA facilitates this exchange and allows for students to learn about opportunities and help each other.

Informational Workshops

YURA works with our faculty advisors and students to hold informational workshops throughout the year and teach our undergraduate community such topics as finding research opportunities within Yale and outside, writing clear and well-crafted proposals for fellowships and grants, and figuring out housing accommodations for their research opportunity no matter where they will be located.

Intercollegiate Affiliations

YURA is an affiliate organization of the Association for Undergraduate Research Advancement, a collaboration between undergraduate research societies all across the US and Canada. For more information, please navigate to the AURA page to the left