The following is a list of some online resources and advice for entering research:

YURA Research Database (RDB)

Search through 1400+ Yale faculty listings across 60+ fields of study. Learn about professors who share your research interests and find potential research mentors.

Finding STEM Research Opportunities: A 5 Step Guide

A YURA guide detailing the process to find mentors and research opportunities in STEM. Written by one of our co-founders, Daniel Lee ES’16

Research Opportunities

The Yale Center for Science and Quantitative Reasoning website features resources regarding fellowships, workshops, and research opportunities that STEM majors should feel free to take advantage of.

A comprehensive database of all faculty in the Yale School of Medicine and their respective research interests.

Fellowship Proposals - Opportunities & Advice

Online resource from Yale for fellowship and grant applications.

Advice from researchers at Duke on how to write a research proposal

Scientific Writing

An article originally published in the magazine, American Scientist, that details some helpful tips on effective written communication in academia.

Research Posters

This article, published by Steven Block in the Biophysical Journal, has some helpful tips about creating a well-designed research poster.

This is a link with various PowerPoint research poster templates that you can download and modify for academic conferences and symposia.

Helpful Tools

Mendeley is a free application that allows you to streamline your literature review process. Using the software, you can annotate, highlight, and share journal articles with your team and colleagues. It also syncs your journal articles across devices for easy access.

A clear tutorial on the LaTeX typesetting system for creating documents. LaTeX is especially helpful for drafting manuscripts with many mathematical equations. Can be used for both proposals and journal articles.

R is a powerful and free environment that can be used for statistical computing. It contains many packages for data analysis and graphic generation that can be helpful while conducting research. This tutorial walks you through what R is and how to use it.